Guidelines for 3year Degree Course (Honours & General)

Admission Qualification:-
1. A candidate may be admitted to the first year of three-year of three-year B.A./B.Sc./ B.Com. (Honours / General/Major) courses of Studies on passing Higher Secondary (10+2) examination in General or Vocational Stream examination conducted by other State Board/ Council or Rabindra Mukta Vidya recognized by the Distance Learning Council Subject to fulfillment of the conditions mentioned below:
      In case of the other Boards/Councils, a candidate shall have to pass in five recognized subject, which one shall be English, of full marks not been less than 100 each. A candidate passing in four subjects shall not be eligible for admission.
     candidates passing Higher Secondary examination from vocational stream conducted by the West Bengal council of Higher Secondary Education or any other equivalent board / council are eligible of admission in General and Major courses provided that the candidate must have passed in 5(five) recognized subjects, of which one shall be English, in the previous qualifying examination.
2. Candidate should be allowed for admission within 3(three) consecutive academic session including the year of passing the previous qualifying examination (for example: candidates passing H.S. Examination in the year 2014 will get last chance of admission in the academic session 2016-2017)
3. A candidate taking up Honours course in a subject must have obtained:-
i) A minimum of 45% marks in aggregate and 55% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.
ii) 50% Marks in aggregate and 45% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.
iii) 55% marks in aggregate when the candidate has not studied the subject or related subject in his/her previous qualifying examination provided all other cc (especially rule-5)
3. a) However, candidate belonging to the schedule caste tribe community taking up Honours course of study shall enjoy 5% relaxation in marks in (i),(ii) & (iii) above, as the case may be.
i) Aggregate means the sum of marks of best scored five (5) subjects excluding compulsory environmental Education/Environmental Science/Environmental Studies. Also for old candidates (i.e. candidates passing B.A. examination before 2007) aggregate will be calculated in similar manner (i.e.) on the basis of the best scored five subject) without deducting any marks for "Optional Elective Subject"(if any).
ii) While calculating such aggregate full marks of each subject will be sealed down to 100 wherever needed.
4. (a)  Admission will be strictly on the basis of merit. Merit will be prepared uniformly on the basis of the following criteria:
i) In case of Honours Course : Aggregate (as per previous explanation) plus the marks obtained in the subject in which he/ she intends to take Honours or related subject. However, students who avail themselves of the Rule 3 (III) will not get the benefit or "related subject".
ii) In case of Major and General Course: Merit List will be prepare on the basis of aggregate.
(b) Admission on the basis of merit will take place through online as per intake capacity.
(c) For admission to Major and General courses list of applicants in order of merit to be published in accordance with the intake capacity.
5. Some special conditions for admission to Honours Courses in accounting and Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Philosophy.
i) Accounting and Finance: For admission to the B.Com Honours Course in Accounting and Finance the word 'subject' or 'related subject' shall mean the following:
Accountancy, book keeping, Business Economies including Business Mathematics, Business Organization, Business Studies, Commerce, Economics, Economics Geography Element of Cost Accountancy and Auditing, Financial Accounting, Mathematics, Office Practice and secretarial, Statistics.
ii) Economics: The Subjects Mathematics, Statistics and Business Economics including Busniess Mathematics be treated as related subject.
iii) Mathematics: A candidate shall be allowed to take up hornpouts Mathematics at the previous qualifying examination. A candidate who has passed in business in business Mathematics is not eligible for admission to Mathematics Honours Course.
iv)Philosophy : The subject Psychologhy be treated as related subject.
6. Division of Honours and General Subject:
i) Humanities: Bengali, Economies, English, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sanskrit.
A candidate taking up Honours Course for B.A Degree shall study-
i) Honours in any one subject of the Humanities Division and other two subject from the Humanities Division (see subject combination) However, other thing remaining the same, a candidate may take up B.A. Honours course in Geography/ Economics without taking any other subject from the Science Division in the General course.
ii) Two compulsory languages.
iii) Environmental Studies.
7. A candidate taking up general course for B.A. Degree shall study-
i) Any  three subjects from the Humanities Division
any two subject from the Humanities Division and any one subject from the Scince Sivision.
ii) Two compulsory languages.
iii) Environmental Studies.
Admission on Transfer should  abide by the following  stipulations:
i) A candidate taking transfer from on college to another is required to pursue the same course of study with identical subject combination in both the colleges.
ii) Admission on transfer must not violate the approved intake of the course concern of the college granting admission. Only in cases of wards of Government employees who have been transferred, a relaxation of intake may be granted with the permission of the Vice Chancellor.
iii) Cases of admission on transfer must be intimated in writing to the University authority by the college admitting such candidates within a fortnight of such admission but for with such admission of transfer will not be recognized.
iv) All other steps and procedures related to transfer will be in accordance with he provisions of the ordinance.
Admission Procedure:
Application for admission in the 1st year of Honours and General Courses will be entertained only after the announcement of the result of the relevant Examination of the West Bengal Higher Secondary Council or equivalent. Eligible candidates are required to fill up on line admission form through College Website.Separate application formis required to be filled up for each of the Honours Course, General Course and General course with Physical Education.  List of candidates in order of merit will be published for online admission in the notice board section of the College website.
 After admission all relevant certificates in original & one copy printed form must be produced before the College for verification within the schedule time notified by the College authority.
List of documents:-
  • H.S. Mark Sheet (Xerox and duly attested by the Head of the Institution last attendant of the examination passed.)
  • Admit Card / Certificate of Madhyamik or Equivalent examination (as an evidence of age) (Xerox and dully attested)
  • School Leaving certificate issued by the head of the Institution last attend (Original to submitted)
  • SC/ST candidates are required to submit their cast Certificate (Original & Xerox copy duly attested)
  • Printed  Application Form
  • Moreover, if any candidate fails to attend the College for verification of Certificates within schedule time notified by the College authority his/her admission will be automatically treated to be cancelled.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded at any cost.
  • Candidates opt for Physical Education General must appear in the physical fitness test to be held after admission in this College. Date of Physical fitness test will be notified later in the College website notice. If any candidate fails to pass Physical fitness test, he/she has to choose another eligible subject in place of Physical Education. Moreover, if he / she is unwilling to chose another subject his/ her admission will be cancelled and fees so paid will not be refundable. 
Deduction of marks in admission:-
2% marks from the aggregate as secured by the candidates passing qualifying examination in a year prior to the current year shall be dedicated and aggregate marks thus will be taken up consideration.
Reservation of seat:-
Reservation for seats for Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe, OBC-A, OBC-B, Physically debarred candidates, and candidates from other board, Sports quota will be as per rule framed  by the /government / University.
Academic session:-
The academic year of this college starts from 1st July of a year and ends on 3th June of the next year.
Payment of Fees:-
·         Students are advised to pay Application fee online. Students may use a valid bank account to make the payment.
2. Online payment of Application fee can be made, using the following modes:
a. Net Banking.
b. Debit Card (VISA, Master, Maestro).
c. Credit Card. (VISA, Master, Maestro)
·         For making online payment of Application fee, login at the Application Portal and follow the instructions thereafter.

After successful completion of the payment, the system will be directed back to the Admission portal of RAJA BIRENDRA CHANDRA COLLEGE, generate receipt of the payment made and produce the same as and when required.

RAJA BIRENDRA CHANDRA COLLEGE does not charge any processing fee or service charge from the students for online payment. However, the students have to pay the charges as applicable for the merchant banks
Attendance of Lectures :-
Every student must attend all classes as held in different subject and must meet the minimum requirement of the university in this regard. As per Requirement of the university, a student's of the degree courses must attended at leas 75% of classes held in each subject, for being considered regular.
Every student expected to conduct himself / herself with dignity and maintain necessary decorum and decency in all respect. Due respect is to be paid not only to the teacher and staff of the college but also to the fellow students.
College property must be handled with care and respect. College will provide identity card duly endorse by the Principal/Teacher-in-Charge. Identity card must be renewed in each academic session. Every student must be in possession of the identity card during college hours and must produce the same whenever required to do so.