It is a great pleasure to welcome all to the Website of Raja Birendra Chandra College. I hope this website will benefit all the students, past and present and those willing to take admission to our College and the well wishers by providing them the much needed information as well as current news of the College.

I think the lunching of this website to be a milestone in the path of development of the College.  This site will be updated regularly and latest information and features will be entered in the website. Suggestions for improvement are also welcome from the end of students and well wishers.

Our College has stepped in 50 years in 2015. The College has definitely been able to find a place in the academic map of West Bengal.  

Our College has been continuously trying to spread the light of education among the under privileged sections of this district for the last 50 years with great success. Our past is glorious. I have no doubt the future also will be brighter.

I appeal to everybody to come forward with co-operation for betterment and improvement of the College.